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Talk to your representatives:

We are writing with an important and timely request, to make a personal appeal to your Member of Congress to ask them to sign The House Letter by Rep. Eshoo (CA) and Rep. Raskin (MD), supporting the protest movement in Israel.

This House letter is open for signatures by Members of Congress for until May 9th, so it is urgent for all of us to contact our individual members ASAP.

Below you will find a steps-based guideline for contacting your member of Congress, including samples for emails and phone calls.

Step 1: Find Your Member of Congress here.

Step 2: Find the phone numbers and email addresses of Your Representatives here.

Step 3: Write to Your Member of Congress:
Three sample texts for an email are here.
Please feel free to use any of the samples as a basis for your email, and personalize them as you see appropriate, including, of course, the highlighted sections.

Step 4: Call you Member of Congress
A sample text for a phone call is here.
Calls/voicemails are being counted by the offices of your Your Representatives

**Please remember to emphasize the sense of urgency during your call/email**

Note: Several organizations such as Americans for Peace Now, and J Street, are promoting this effort. You might consider signing a prepared letter to your member of Congress through JStreet or Americans for Peace Now - either in addition to your personal letter or instead of it.

Thank you !
Boston Protest Organizers

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