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About Us

Boston for Democracy in Israel

We are a grassroots group of Boston-based Israeli-American and American Jewish volunteers that actively supports the pro-democracy protest movement in Israel. 

We seek American support for the movement and advocate for an end to the judicial overhaul and other threats to civil society sought by the current, and most extreme in Israel’s history, ruling coalition in Israel. 

Since January 2023, our actions have included: 

  • Organizing rallies in the Greater Boston area; 

  • Sponsoring in person and virtual programs featuring economic, political, social, religious, Jewish and Israeli speakers; 

  • Reaching out to elected officials and Jewish community leaders; 

  • Empowering local, regional and national leaders to voice their concerns, and transform values into applicable actions. 

While we are not part of any organization, we are affiliated with UnXeptable and Defending Israeli Democracy (DID)  grassroots protest movements launched by Israel expats in the US and Europe, in support of the protest movement in Israel for a democratic state. 


Meet The Team


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